Understanding the Basics of FTP

File transfer protocol is commonly used for transferring large files between a client and a server. This protocol is faster compared to HTTP and also allows encrypted connections. Online storage is one of the services that uses this protocol. If you are thinking of utilizing this service for data backup or for file sharing, here are some articles you can read for more information.

The Advantages of FTP – this articles talks about the uses and the features of FTP. This helps you understand the basics of using FTP in an online file data storage.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Setup and Maintain your Own FTP Server
 – this article discusses the costs if you plan to set up your own online server. It has a detailed breakdown of costs from hardware, software and maintenance expenses.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of FTP Clients – this article is about the pros and cons of using an FTP client compared to a web based manager for transferring files.

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