Unknown Weaknesses of Cloud Service Providers

Cloud sharing.  It’s a trend, but does that make it the best solution for data transfer?  Coming across this infographic, there are several risk factors associated with keeping confidential data in the cloud, some that may surprise you.  Of course, the convenience of it all makes it pretty enticing, but let’s look at some ways that your data could end up in the hands of third-parties without your knowledge.


Yes, your competition could get their hands on your most valuable assets and secrets with help from the cloud.  See, with cloud-based file sharing, it’s difficult to instantly wipe out all of the information and access of ex-employees.  Without strict policies in place for stealing valuable company information, employees that remotely have access to their former employer’s cloud file sharing system could give your competitors an edge on what you’re up to.

Cloud Vendor Employees

Giving your information to the cloud also involves giving your key to an unknown administrator, employees at the cloud service provider.  This people, with the system’s key, now have access to all of your confidential content…a scary thought.

Overall, be aware of where your data is going and how secure it will be.  Security is threatened greatly once your data is out of your hands and available for others to use at their advantage.  So, take a look at this graphic, it could help you in your decision to finding the best file sharing solution for your company.

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