A Virtual Safe for Your Files

Protecting sensitive data can sometimes be expensive. Most companies use a highly secure file server that uses encryption to store business data. However, this solution can be expensive for small companies or for those that are just starting up. To secure sensitive files without burning a hole in your pocket, consider online media storage.

Online file data storage is a cost-effective service that can help you store files safely. This service utilizes several safety features to protect data from going to the wrong hands. One of the features is file and data stream encryption. Data is sent through a secure Internet channel by encrypting the stream with SSL. Once the files reach the file server, the files are encrypted before being stored. Another great security feature is password protected logins. This allows you to manage files and prevent others from accessing them. If ever there are other users, you can limit their file management rights. This allows you to authorize file access to certain personnel only.

SmartFile provides reliable storage plans that are designed to meet your needs. Sign up today for a free trial to learn more about our services. This lets you evaluate the features with no restrictions for 14 days.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.