Who Creates The Biggest Files? 3 Industries That Go BIG!

When you think of big files on your computer your brain probably doesn’t register anything past a few hundred megabytes or maybe a couple gigabytes at most.  On a per file basis, a normal business person doesn’t have to deal with anything too far past a bloated Excel document or an enormous PowerPoint presentation.  But there are industries and professions where ginormous files are the norm.

The three most common hard drive punishing professions out there are:

  1. Video Production – Uncompressed video can be absolutely humongous, sometimes registering in the hundreds of Gigabytes depending on the length and resolution.  Even with compressed video, it can still be very costly with storage space into the Gigabytes.
  2. Graphic Designers – A Photoshop can seem innocent and unsuspecting to the average home user, but professionals know that these files can quickly become monstrous hogs of file storage due to size, resolution, and layered effects.  Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon PS files that reach hundreds of Gigabytes!
  3. Photographers – Cameras are getting more advanced by the day by being able to store more information through megapixel (even gigapixel) lenses.  With the intent of shooting the highest quality photo possible, the individual file sizes for pictures with immense detail is huge!  There are photos that register over 100 Gigabytes!

I’m sure there are plenty more jobs that pour on the bytes when it comes to saving files.  If you know of an obvious one that I missed, please leave it in the comments below.  I would like to really know, what industry is the champion of massive files?

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