End of Year Audit: Quick Tips and To-Do’s

With 2013 approaching, we bet you have a long list of things to do over the next few weeks. In the midst of ensuring you reach your personal and professional goals for 2012, having a step-by-step worksheet in place before the holidays seems to help us ring in the New Year at SmartFile.

Here are few helpful tips for closing out your business in 2012:

1.)   Clean up your files:

  • Whether you have copies of your data saved to a server, an external hard drive, or an online backup / file sharing service; it’s certainly worth the time to assess your current efforts while making sure everything is organized and working properly. If you don’t have a piece of mind that your data is safe, we can help!

2.)   Goal Setting:

  • Skip the fluffy resolutions this year and set some smart business goals. If you take some time to sit down by yourself and with employees to set some reasonable goals, you should feel better and accomplish more when Q1 rolls around. Top 10 Online Goal Setting & Tracking Tools” from Yahoo!

3.)   Financial Analysis:

  • Everything from business expenses, department reviews (HR, Operations, etc.) and year-end tax adjustments to your marketing budget should be analyzed and adjusted accordingly.

4.)   Say Thanks:

  • The holidays have everyone in a great mood. Whether it’s your customers or colleagues, a simple thank you is a great way to start the new year on an end note. Here are 10 Employee Gift Ideas from About.com:

5.)   Celebrate:

  • After all the hard work finishing last-minute projects and planning for 2013, any type of celebration (company Christmas party, Secret Santa revealing, etc.) that brings people together, and reminds everyone that there’s more to their relationships than work is appreciated.

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What other items on your year-end to do list? Leave a comment and let us know!

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