What is SmartFile Business?

Answer, a branded business file management web interface that is built on FTP. SmartFile Business allows you to connect through any web browser (on any device) or through any FTP client to access with your files. File and folder permissions allow you to determine who has access to files and the degree of how they can interact with them. Connect unlimited users and give your entire business a way to access files from anywhere.

Unlimited users with no per user charge

User and File Management

Give everyone access but you control who sees what. Control permissions for a user, file, folder, or group so your entire company can access files.

No file size limits and unlimited links

Send and Receive Any Size Files

Share files without size restrictions and more gain control with expiration dates and download limits. Request files and upload through a web form.

File sharing with secure FTP

Secure FTP with Easy Web Tools

A new twist on FTP with more enhancements. Access your files through any web browser and connect through SFTP, FTPS, and FTPES.

Manage employee Dropbox accounts

Dropbox Business Alternative

We offer more for much less. Unlimited users (no per user charges), no file size limits, custom branding, use your sub-domain, and FTP connectivity.


responsive design

Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

SmartFile is system, device, and browser agnostic. Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, or whatever you prefer to use SmartFile supports through a responsive HTML5 interface. You can browse and manage your files from anywhere using any device, and you always use the same login URL, username and password. Nothing to install, and your custom branding follows you everywhere.

Responsive HTML5 file sharing app

access permissions

Lock down files, folders, users, and groups with access permissions

The most complex user and file permissions you will find anywhere. Assign users to subfolders without access to any parent folders through our user 'Home Directory'. Set custom access for folders, files, and users as you please. Assign users to groups for bulk permissions and less work. You determine who can view, upload, download, or delete files. True user and file access for more security. Other security features include:

256-bit AES encryption during transfer.

Constant virus and security scans.

Lock down access through permissions

custom branding

Use your logo, colors, and domain

We take branding to the next level. Once your site is branded, SmartFile becomes 100% transparent to your users and clients. Use your logo and icon so that your brand will display on both desktop and mobile browsers. Use a combination of your company colors to stylize your buttons and interface. And best of all, use your domain to login and direct clients to. SmartFile will feel like a true integration into your company's routine instead of a forgotten 3rd party service.

Customize with your brand and domain

activity history

HIPAA compliant activity monitoring with email notifications

We make all your files smart. You can instantly see activity (download, move, copy, rename, delete, etc) with every file and folder. You can search extensive activity reports that allow you to see who is doing what at all times. Our activity logs are HIPAA compliant so you have less to worry about. SmartFile will also send you email notifications based on file and user activity that you request.

Search and audit user and file history

view files

View PDFs and images inside SmartFile

SmartFile has a powerful PDF viewer that allows you to easily scan and search multiple page PDF documents with ease. Various options let you view, print, and share the document. SmartFile also offers a responsive image viewer so you can preview JPG, PNG, GIF, and other image formats.

Search and audit user and file history

connect to files

Access SmartFile through Microsoft Outlook or FTP Program

You can connect to your files in SmartFile through a number of ways. SmartFile has an Outlook add-in that allows you to instantly upload, attach, and request files from an email message. SmartFile also has the ability to access your files through any FTP client using the same credentials as your web login. Easy access for all of your users.

SmartFile Outlook add-in

map cloud accounts

Connect your Dropbox account(s)

Would you like to give access to your Dropbox account to others in your company? Or do you have a company Dropbox account that you want to give more users access to? You can map any folder to your Dropbox account and instantly inherit the security and branding benefits that SmartFile has to offer. Let everyone connect their Dropbox account through SmartFile without installing Dropbox on their local machines for more control and compliance.

Integrate or migrate Dropbox into SmartFile
  • Activity Notifications

    Set unlimited, advanced notifications for when a user uploads, downloads, or deletes a file on your site.
  • Advanced File Control

    Set FTP and online file secure access rights to upload, download, move/copy, and delete files.
  • API Access

    Integrate your online system with ours by adding file sharing and management capabilities to your system.
  • Auditing and Reporting

    Keep track of the activity on your site in real-time with detailed reporting.
  • Custom Branding

    Customize your account with your logo, company colors, and domain name.
  • Custom Domain Name

    Use your own domain name for your site to create a professional relationship your clients.
  • Drag and Drop Files

    Just drag your files directly from your computer to the browser for simple online file storage.
  • Easy To Use

    Be setup and running within minutes with the help of your SmartFile team.
  • Fast Uploads/Downloads

    Access your files quickly with our centrally located data centers.
  • File-2-Email

    Create virtual links, allowing users to download your files from our system without a limit on file size.
  • FTP Secure Connections

    Connect and transfer files and folders securely using SFTP, FTPS, and FTPES.
  • HIPAA Compliant

    We give users the options to store activity logs for up to 6 years.
  • Live Technical Support

    Call us anytime at 877-336-3453, and we’d be happy to answer your questions.
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in

    Use SmartFile as your email attachment host with ability to send and receive files.
  • Mobile/Tablet Access

    HTML5 Responsive design allows users to connect through any device with optimized user experience.
  • Multiple User Types

    Have complete control over who can add, delete, or edit users with our three types of user access.
  • Multiple Ways to Connect

    Use any FTP program, web browser, virtual drive, or our API to access your files.
  • Powerful Search

    Our advanced search allows you to search file content in addition to file name. Add tags and attributes to make searching for files even easier. OCR search indexed content.
  • Serious Security

    Utilizing the latest security standards, we insure your data is being protected at all times.
  • Simple UI

    We only show you the options you can do based on what files you click. Also, files now appear as you scroll down, no more paging.
  • Smart Link Management

    Reuse your links and see what links have been sent by simply clicking on your file.
  • Timed User Sessions

    Grant a user secure access to the SmartFile system for a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Unlimited Connections

    Have all of your users connected simultaneously to your account without a problem.
  • Unlimited Users

    Create an unlimited amount of account groups and users.
  • View Your Files

    Open and view your files directly in your SmartFile account, including pictures, movies, and other image file formats.
  • Virtual Hard Drive

    Connect your Windows, Mac, or Linux computers to the SmartFIle system to drag and drop, or copy, paste, and share your files.
  • Web-Based Control

    Manage and share your files online without downloading any software.

Resell White Label

A file sharing solution that is easy to sell to your clients and even easier to support. We make it simple to manage your customers through your own control panel and also let you rebrand your clients’ accounts with their own color schemes, logos, and domain names. And all of this is done with the support of your Integration Specialist, one of our very own to help you every step of the way.

SmartFile vs. The Competition

Offering more for less

Quickly see the difference between other companies and SmartFile. We lay it all out so you can make a smart decision.

Price Calculator

What does your business need?

20 users
75 GB

Need even more space? Call or email us anytime for a custom solution with bigger price breaks.

  SmartFile Dropbox Box ShareFile
Unlimited Users Per User Fee Per User Fee Per User Fee
No File Size Limit 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Custom Branding
Use Your Domain
No Software
Price $60

NOTE: This is a comparison against each companies respective business packages and offerings.

Business Pricing

$15 / month
  • 15 GB Storage

  • Unlimited File Size

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Outlook Add-in

  • Email Support

  • 24-Hour Support

  • Custom Branding

  • Activity Logs

$30 / month
  • 30 GB Storage

  • Unlimited File Size

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Outlook Add-in

  • Email Support

  • 24-Hour Support

  • Custom Branding

  • Activity Logs

$60 / month
  • 75 GB Storage

  • Unlimited File Size

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Outlook Add-in

  • Email Support

  • 24-Hour Support

  • Custom Branding

  • Activity Logs

$150 / month
  • 250 GB Storage

  • Unlimited File Size

  • Unlimited Users

  • FTP Access

  • Outlook Add-in

  • Email Support

  • 24-Hour Support

  • Custom Branding

  • Activity Logs

  • 1+ TB Storage


  • Multisite Access

  • Signed SLA

  • API Access

  • On-Premise Appliance

  • Virtual Install

  • SmartCare Support

  • 877-336-3453

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