A Safe, Consolidated Storage Solution that Scales Up and Out

Consolidating storage into a single storage system that scales seems impossible, but SmartFile gives you centralized storage and file management for your existing infrastructure.


Scale Without Worry

You should be excited to scale your business, not dread it. Unlike other consolidated storage tools, your existing individual storage silos (SAN, NAS, Servers, and even Cloud Accounts) still exist since this makes scaling significantly easier.

SmartFile sits atop your storage, managing the files within the hardware. Along with making vertical and horizontal scaling easier, this adds security and enhanced functionality to your files.


Connect and Pool Your Existing Storage

Connect and pool your existing NAS, SAN, storage servers and even cloud accounts into one centrally-managed access point.

High Availability for Business Continuity

Keeping the lights on is important, so SmartFile can be set up as multiple on-premise devices in a single location for business continuity.

Failover for Disaster Recovery

Consolidated storage solutions often put all your eggs in one basket. SmartFile can add offsite failover to protect your data.

Scale Up and Out

Because SmartFile integrates with your existing storage rather than replacing it, performance headaches due to various workloads aren't a hurdle.

Key Features

  • Scale Up and Out
  • Access from Any Device
  • Flexible and Granular User Roles and Permissions
  • Password Management and Shared Link Expiration
  • Activity Monitoring and Notifications
  • Automated File Activities
  • HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS or WebDAV Access
  • Connected and Pooled Storage
  • Map Cloud Accounts
  • Desktop application, Outlook plugin

Engineered for IT, Built For The User

Unlike other consolidated storage solutions that are just built for IT, SmartFile is also designed for the user. With added file intelligence that SmartFile extends to your existing storage, users will have less obstacles in their day-to-day tasks, whether that's sharing a file internally or sending a password-protected file link to a consultant.

SmartFile's various access methods ensure that everyone from the least tech-savvy user to your developers will be happy. You can allow your team to access files through a responsive browser UI, a mounted drive, FTP clients and even your own API integrated solution.

Organizations with thousands of users trust SmartFile for scalable FTP hosting.

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Andrew Webster
We're a global company, and SmartFile helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it's really easy to see who has access and who does not.
- Andrew Webster, Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon North America