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Content exchange between individual applicants and their loan specialists.

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Illinois Lending Corp is a locally owned and operated loan company with a mission to meet the borrowing needs of the community with fairly priced, easy to obtain installment and checkbook loans serviced by friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

The Challenges

Illinois Lending Corp deals with an abundance of loan applicants on a daily basis. They needed a platform that allowed for content exchange between individual applicants and their loan specialists. The existing manual process of scanning and emailing application documents was cumbersome and inefficient. Illinois Lending Corp required a solution that also provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with a focus on security given the sensitive content that's exchanged.

The Solution

Designed Social Media handles Illinois Lending Corp's website design and marketing efforts. Designed Social Media discovered SmartFile's robust API and identified it as an easy to way to automate and integrate into Illinois Lending Corp's loan application process. Through SmartFile's API, Designed Social Media was able to create a process for all loan applicants to transfer their documents to Illinois Lending Corp seamlessly and securely upon completion of the application.

Rather than downloading, scanning and emailing loan applications back to Illinois Lending Corp, loan applicants can now click a SmartFile link at the end of every application. The link will auto-create a specific user (with unique login credentials) and a loan applicant folder will be automatically generated in Illinois Lending Corp's SmartFile account. The applicant receives an email with login credentials and can upload their loan application. Once a loan application is uploaded, Illinois Lending Corp loan specialists are notified via email of loan application submissions.

Through SmartFile, Designed Social Media was able to provide Illinois Lending Corp with an automated loan application process, immensely increasing productivity for loan specialists and individual loan applicants. The best part is the loan applicant only sees the face of Illinois Lending Corp in the process, since SmartFile's solution is completely custom-branded.

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Name: Illinois Lending Corp


Industry: Loan Company