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Log files for call center support software can be substantially larger than the average log file. Imagine collecting these log files from your customers around the globe for an organization that doesover $300+ million in revenue each year. That is a lot of large files. Interactive Intelligence's support team was experiencing ongoing challenges with collecting customer log files as part of support technical troubleshooting efforts. The first challenge was finding a convenient method to transfer these files securely and reliably. The second challenge was intertwining this collection of log files with Interactive Intelligence's existing support ticketing system to create a level of convenience. The largest challenge was escalating these tickets and corresponding logs from different continents to higher tiered support personnel located in the central United States. This last challenge was the most daunting because 85%+ support tickets from global support centers needed to be escalated back to the US for tier II support's review.


Interactive Intelligence's most basic need for secure file transfer fell in line with SmartFile's industry proven FTP/file sharing capabilities. Delivering the SmartFile appliance in nine global locations allowed tier I support to securely and quickly gather log files from customers. In addition, SmartFile's robust API enabled Interactive Intelligence to easily integrate SmartFile functionality directly with their support ticketing system with all of the same features that are available in the SmartFile user interface. So, support is able to capture pertinent support ticket information, while leveraging SmartFile's file transfer capabilities to collect corresponding log files. In a sense, SmartFile became the underlying middleware engine for connecting support tickets and log files.

SmartFile's on-premise appliance also offered a unique solution to Interactive Intelligence, Inc.'s most daunting problem. Since each of Interactive Intelligence's nine primary support centers around the globe needed high local access speeds, SmartFile delivered an appliance at each location. SmartFile Connectors, a feature offered with our appliance, would allow Interactive Intelligence's primary support center to create virtual listings of each of the remaining eight locations. This critical component permits tier II support to call up log files from the global locations as tickets escalate. As a result, Interactive Intelligence, Inc.'s tier II support has a singular view of all locations without replicating that data across multiple servers.

In total, SmartFile supplied a solution unlike any other in the industry. Interactive Intelligence, Inc. developed a custom integration with unparalleled ease due to SmartFile's robust API. Tier I support was able to easily intertwine a more reliable file transfer method into their existing process, and Tier II support was able to have a singular view of log files that they had not previously been able to ascertain. This meaningful improvement to Interactive Intelligence Inc.'s process was all accomplished without causing a significant shift in support's existing steps.

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