Hosted File Sharing and Storage Management

FileHubTM enhances governance and gives you greater control over file and user access.

SmartFile delivers enterprise file management with secure file sharing.

A Secure Gateway to the Files Behind Your Firewall

FileHubTM is a physical or virtual on-prem solution that helps you safely share files inside and outside your enterprise organization. It gives you a central management portal for managing files hosted natively or on your network storage, FTP servers, Windows servers and application storage.

Users can access files through their favorite tools, like their web browsers, Outlook, Mounted Drives, FTP clients and their mobile devices. Their file and user behavior is recorded with HIPAA compliant activity records and audit trails.

  • Audit via Visual File and User Analytics
  • Access Network Files Offsite Securely
  • Connect to Multiple Network Storage Devices
  • Authenticate via AD / LDAP
  • Securely Share and Exchange Files via HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS
  • Auto Export Syslog
  • Branded Portal for External Users
  • Automate File Lifecycle
  • Manage Other Cloud Storage

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The Most Scalable File Exchange Platform on the Planet

FileHubTM scales up and out with your business. Whether you’re connecting multiple storage devices across multiple locations or adding new resources, FileHubTM is designed to grow with you.

Overall, FileHubTM is a different kind of enterprise file management platform since it’s customized for you. Whether you need on-premises file sharing, FTP, storage consolidation, workflow automation, active monitoring, granular user permissions or custom API integrations, we are designed to scale as your business does.

Multiple Locations

Use SmartFile connectors to manage your storage around the world.

Load Balanced Services

All primary connection methods are load balanced with HAProxy.

High Availability

Multiple appliances setup in a single location for business continuity.


Setup in offsite locations for disaster recovery scenarios.

Features & Benefits

Storage Connectors

Use our connectors to add additional appliances around the world and attach your network storage.

SMB Connector

Connect your Windows, SAMBA, or other existing storage servers for unified storage.

Direct Connector

Integrate external storage, backup, replication, de-dupe and encryption tools.

FTP Connector

Connect your FTP servers to the rest of your storage to enhance storage capabilities.

Cloud Connector

Integrate your cloud storage with your existing storage for more flexibility.

Appliance Connector

Create a high availability connection that ensures you have continuous access.

Desktop Connector

Use a desktop client for a mapped-drive experience with right-click functionality.

Access & Integration

Give your users an easy-to-use method to access files while maintaining security.


Connect over any method of secure FTP. Admins can restrict the type of access.


A brandable and responsive HTML5 UI accessible on any device via web browser.


Connect your storage to your desktop through a WebDAV drive for easy access.


Countless API endpoints make integration with 3rd party and custom applications easy.


Use our Microsoft Outlook add-in to send, add and request files through email.


External users can upload files with your internal users through secure links.

Security & Compliance

Add another level of security to your files and have HIPAA compliant records for all activity.


At rest and in transfer using AES 256-bit encryption. PHI and FIPS compliant.


The appliance uses multiple layers of firewalls with differing technologies.


Files are stored in triplicate to ensure high file durability and availability.


User and file activity are stored for easy auditing and search. Log files are available.


Setup email alerts for file, folder and user activity for instant notice.

VPN Alternative

Offsite access to network files that is secure, controlled and monitored.

FileHubTM Specific Features

You will get the very best features not offered in any of our other products.


Administrators have access to an interactive analytics panel to query all audit data.


Integrate log data from the appliance activity into a central repository.


Authenticate your users through existing Active Directory, LDAP or RADIUS.


Send customized system messages through your mail servers.


Setup rules, scripts and other custom automations for files and users.


Modify the existing UI for a more efficient workflow customizable to your scenario.


We offer scalable virtual appliances for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, and Red Hat.


Find any file on any attached storage through an advanced global search.


Our appliance is built to scale up and out through services and additional appliances.


Free of charge. You don't have to worry about upkeep or replacement.


Scheduled quarterly updates give you the newest features and customizations.


Get VIP personalized help service with webinar and video support for training.

Request a Custom VIP Trial

Talk with a SmartFile representative to setup a custom trial that will let you see more advanced features based on your requirements. You’ll also see how SmartFile easily integrates into your network and learn about everything we will do to help your business.

Why choose FileHub On-Prem?

  • More compliance and control
  • Flexible deployment options
  • VIP help, support, and services
  • Worry-free maintenance and service
  • Use your existing network storage
  • Scalable for global deployment
  • Robust API for quick integrations
  • Private cloud options available
  • High Availability and Failover available

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Trusted by Business

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Are you interested in learning more? We can customize our appliance to fit your needs, no matter the scale.

We choose SmartFile because it is user friendly, easy to setup, quick, efficient, and customizable. SmartFile has made sharing files with our contacts, clients, consultants, and between associates a whole lot quicker and easier.
- Thanh Ly, Senior Database Administrator, Albert A Webb Associates