Physical or Virtual, our Appliance Delivers

We are file sharing and file storage experts with enterprise scalability in mind. The SmartFile Enterprise Appliance is a scaled down version of our production environment that sits behind your company’s firewall. Delivered as physical or virtual appliance, the SmartFile solution is storage agnostic. So, use the storage on the appliance or leverage your company’s storage. Either way, you'll have a world class FTP/file sharing solution with granular file permissions and audit log history to meet your compliance and security needs.

Control and audit your user and file activity

SmartFile Storage
SmartFile Appliance

Each of our SmartFile Appliance models are delivered on 2U servers that by default include storage. You'll have the software and the infrastructure all in one platform. In addition, each appliance model was intentionally built for scale. So, as your storage needs grow, we can easily increase processing power and actual storage without replacing an entire box.

Easy setup and worry free maintenance

Your Storage
SmartFile Appliance

If your company wants to leverage existing storage in your environment, our GBX 205 model appliance can act as the front end application interface into your storage. Multiple appliances can even be “daisy-chained” together to support even the most robust file sharing needs. This option is a combination of the SmartFile Appliance and your infrastructure.

Custom branding with powerful API integrations

Your Virtual Storage
SmartFile Virtual Appliance

We can also deliver our appliance as a virtual install to take advantage of existing virtual storage. Whether your company is using VMware, Citrix or Redhat, like we said we are storage agnostic. This option is all virtual and we will deliver a disc that you can easily install in your virtual environments.

Compliance & Security

Keep your files inside your network. Use your security protocols and the SmartFile audit logs to ensure HIPAA compliance. 256-bit encryption during transfer. You can define file, folder, and user permissions to add another level of security.


Maintenance & Setup

Hardware setup, custom help videos, and training webinars will all help ensure rapid adoption. All hardware maintenance and on-going software updates are included. Next day on-site maintenance guaranteed.


Professional Services

Instantly jump to the front of the line with SmartCare, our VIP help and support service. You will have a personal support representative that will be available to help you throughout your new on-premise install and deployment.


Branding & Integrations

Use your logo, your colors, your sub-domain to brand your application and any integrations. Microsoft Outlook Add-In, desktop sync client, and Dropbox integrations are included. Integrate LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, or use our API.


compliance & security

Built in security in addition to your network security

SmartFile builds protection into the application and hardware from every point of interaction. From the point users login to how files are stored and accessed. Protection is built in every level. It starts with 256-bit AES SSL encryption, then multiple firewalls built into the application, password authentication (Active Directory, LDAP, and RADIUS are available), and not to mention the authorization and logging of user and file activity. These all come with your appliance and give you peace of mind that your files are secure on your network.

Layered application security

maintenance & setup

Setup is easy and maintenance is free

No longer worry about maintenance and setup, we'll take care of it all. We are responsible for any failed hardware or any maintenance on the server with next business day hardware support with on-site service guaranteed. We also will assist with the initial application setup, including custom branding, sub-domain login URL, secure tunnel for update administration, and custom email notification setup. We'll do whatever we can to make your integration easier.

SmartFile storage pod GBXP 2090

professional services

Exclusive VIP perks included with your Enterprise account

With your Enterprise account you will instantly become a VIP and have exclusive perks. With our personalized help service, SmartCare, we give you one person to contact throughout your entire experience using our system. This ensures that you receive instantaneous help with any and all of your questions. We’ll also host live webinars with you and your office, perfect for mass training of both internal and external employees.

SmartCare VIP customer service

Application Features & Screenshots

  • Mobile Device Access
  • Unlimited users, no per user fee
  • Unlimited Files, Folders, Links
  • No Upload Size Restrictions
  • Manage User Permissions and Access
  • Audit Reporting (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Activity Email Notifications
  • Share Links to Files or Folders
  • FTP Access
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Custom Branding
  • Outlook Integration (Optional Branding)
  • Desktop Sync (Optional Branding)

Enterprise Model Specification Guide

  SmartFile Appliance Storage Expansion Pods

Server Model

GBX 201 GBX 205 GBX 214 GBXP 2020 GBXP 2090
Processor 1 Xeon 2 Xeon 2 Xeon 1 Xeon 1 Xeon
Memory 32 GB 48 GB 64 GB 32 GB 16 GB
Hard Drive 6 TB 15 TB 80 TB 24 TB 180 TB
Usable Storage 1 TB 5 TB 14 TB 20 TB 90 TB
SS Hard Drive - - 2 (for OS & App) - -
Power Supply 750W (1 +1) 750W (1 +1) 750W (1 +1) 750W (1 +1) 1500W (1 +1)

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