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Out of the Office: The Growing Trend of Remote Working

SmartFile releases infographic defining the popularity of working anywhere but in the office

Indianapolis, IN


Working from home or somewhere other than the office? It's getting more common as we speak, and why shouldn't it be? With the added benefits of saving time and money, plus the convenience of staying close to home with the kids, remote working is becoming pretty popular in society. And as 72% of employees are unengaged in the office anyway, essentially due to their work environment, more people are packing up their belongings and creating offices in their homes, cars, hotel rooms, Starbucks tables, you name it.

Recently released by SmartFile is an infographic about the fad of remote working and its progressive growth over the years. With the benefits of at-home convenience for employees, the opportunity given to employers to keep staff that relocate, greater productivity, and saved time and money from not commuting and less office space costs, working from home or at a remote location has become increasingly admired by both parties. So, as the craze continues, managers must adjust their resources to create a more virtual-friendly business, ensuring that their work-at-homers have everything they need to get the job done out of the office and in a secure manner.

These resources include the availability of work-related technology and software at-home, but most importantly, it includes the ability to access work documents and files anywhere at anytime for the convenience of the remote worker. With 66% of employees believing that their workplace may go fully virtual in the next five years, it's now not only essential, but also necessary, to think about how companies can thrive in a solely virtual world, as the benefits of working remotely are beginning to surface as more abundant than the disadvantages. Therefore, as more and more people leave the cubicle to work out of the office, is your company ready?

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