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SmartFile Launches the First File Sharing & FTP Appliance

SmartFile releases an on-premise enterprise file sharing and FTP server appliance.

Indianapolis, IN


SmartFile introduces the first business file sharing and FTP appliance designed for enterprise and midsize businesses seeking enhanced compliance and security. Utilizing SmartFile's proven technology and existing user-friendly web interface, businesses can now manage files and users on-site. John Hurley, SmartFile President and CEO said, "This hardware delivers the same features and scalability that our web-based product has for years."

The plug and play device allows IT managers to integrate FTP and file management into their network with minimal effort. Features include a fully documented RESTful API, Active Directory (or LDAP) integration, and a customized web interface that utilizes a company's domain, logo, color schema, and assigned helpdesk emails. Also included with each appliance are SmartFile's new desktop sync client and Microsoft Outlook Add-In to make managing data even easier.

The SmartFile appliance bundles the cost of hardware, software, updates and 24/7 support into a monthly or annual subscription. The subscription-pricing model is based on storage needs, which range from 1 to 90 usable terabytes per appliance (scalable to infinite amount of storage with additional devices). Next-day onsite support is also included with all appliances. Brian Kuntz, SmartFile Enterprise Business Development Manager said, “SmartFile's appliance subscription enables the security and compliance that companies need without the added cost of hardware ownership. Businesses will be able to support growing file sharing and storage demands with less effort, time, and money."

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About SmartFile

SmartFile is a secure file management and sharing platform serving Fortune 1000 organizations well as medium and small businesses. SmartFile is the trusted all-in-one solution to securely connect, analyze and audit files on-premises and online. Multi-user access, unrestricted file sizes, user permissions, company branding, customized links, unlimited connections and transfers are select features often used by SmartFile customers to manage sensitive files across their enterprises in one secure environment.

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