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SmartFile Enhances User Interface, Experience and Capabilities Via API Upgrade

New Interface and Accessible API Expand Digital Asset Management Capabilities and Improve User Experience

Indianapolis, IN


SmartFile, a market leader in business class file sharing and FTP hosting, announces a new user interface and upgraded API designed to enhance user experience via more customized, convenient solutions for file management and application integration. System updates include a sleek, more responsive design, a robust user management system, SmartApps for viewing and editing multimedia files, improved file transfer speeds, and a hub that connects content and merges features from other cloud services like Dropbox™ for easier management.

"Having built our own open-hardware solution and homegrown storage pods for greater control over cost and uptime, we also have the ability to redesign our interface and capabilities," said John Hurley, President, SmartFile. "By combining emerging technologies with a unique feature set and robust-API, SmartFile enhances the data sharing, storage, security, access, backup and management process."

Building on the success of existing features such as custom branding, virtual links, and permissions; users will also benefit from the latest additions. FileHub™, SmartFile's cloud-hosted tool that integrates with other cloud services like DropBox™, enables users to utilize the features of both services while managing multiple accounts from one convenient location. SmartApps allow more control for viewing and editing multimedia files. Operational improvements include navigational tools such as new tabs, a dropdown menu, and activity indicators to name a few.

"It's our multi-faceted platform (API) that adds file sharing capabilities to any system via easy integration - allowing for a user experience tailored to fit each clients needs - that has unlocked sizeable opportunities for both SmartFile and our customers," said Ben Timby, CTO, SmartFile.

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About SmartFile

SmartFile is a secure file management and sharing platform serving Fortune 1000 organizations well as medium and small businesses. SmartFile is the trusted all-in-one solution to securely connect, analyze and audit files on-premises and online. Multi-user access, unrestricted file sizes, user permissions, company branding, customized links, unlimited connections and transfers are select features often used by SmartFile customers to manage sensitive files across their enterprises in one secure environment.

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