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SmartFile Release Makes PC Backups Easy, Efficient, and Portable

SmartFile stands alone with its multifunctional platform, being the first online file storage company to offer a secure PC backup solution as part of its suite of online storage and file sharing software.

Indianapolis, IN


SmartFile, a market leader in FTP, Online Storage, File Sharing, File Upload, and File Backup services, has strengthened its presence with the release of SmartBackup - an application designed to provide a secure, seamless, and efficient way to backup your PC files.

Offered at no additional cost with any SmartFile account, SmartBackup gives users full control over the backup process. Users control which files to backup, which files to ignore, and when the backups will occur. In addition, SmartBackup lives up to its name by running a sophisticated deduplication process, preventing users from inadvertently creating more than one copy of the same file. Even if you have multiple PC's and external storage devices, SmartBackup allows you select and schedule all of these for backup to a single SmartFile account. After a backup has been created, users can restore these files to any PC with an Internet connection.

About SmartFile

SmartFile is a secure file management and sharing platform serving Fortune 1000 organizations well as medium and small businesses. SmartFile is the trusted all-in-one solution to securely connect, analyze and audit files on-premises and online. Multi-user access, unrestricted file sizes, user permissions, company branding, customized links, unlimited connections and transfers are select features often used by SmartFile customers to manage sensitive files across their enterprises in one secure environment.

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