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SmartFile Sets Its Sights On Las Vegas

Intuitive controls, custom branding and complete integration creates a winning strategy

Indianapolis, IN


One of the biggest lures of Las Vegas is undoubtedly the gambling but if there's one thing better than gambling, it's a sure thing. So what better place for SmartFile to exhibit their Private Label line of products than the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

SmartFile, a market leader in FTP, Online Storage, File Sharing, File Upload, and File Backup services, will be offering its definition of a sure thing, Private Label, at one of the premier IT expositions in North America. Developed for organizations seeking to add an additional revenue stream to an existing client base, Private Label provides resellers with a fully customizable, completely integrated solution for the distribution of online file storage services. With pricing as low as $0.19/GB, direct billing integration, and all the training and resources needed to become a reseller, SmartFile takes the gambling out of online storage for their clients wishing to institute the same FTP, Online Storage, File Sharing, File Upload, and File Backup services to their customers.

By implementing Private Label, an organization has immediate access to a complete suite of digital asset management software. In addition, logos, color schemes, domain names, and all correspondence is tailored to the reseller's existing brand, making Private Label completely transparent.

SmartFile will be providing live demonstrations of the Private Label product from May 8-12, 2011 at the Interop IT Expo and Conference which will take place at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a personal demonstration, come see SmartFile at Booth #2465.

Additional information on SmartFile's Private Label product can be found online at or to setup a personal consultation, contact

About SmartFile

SmartFile is a secure file management and sharing platform serving Fortune 1000 organizations well as medium and small businesses. SmartFile is the trusted all-in-one solution to securely connect, analyze and audit files on-premises and online. Multi-user access, unrestricted file sizes, user permissions, company branding, customized links, unlimited connections and transfers are select features often used by SmartFile customers to manage sensitive files across their enterprises in one secure environment.

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