3 Easy Steps to Increase Company Security

In 2013, the most common breaches were inadvertent misuse of data by insiders, according to Forrester Research.  If this is going to continue, security for internal risks needs to increase. But 42 percent of the workforce indicated that they had received training on how to stay secure at work, and only 57 percent say they are aware of their organization’s current security policies.  This needs to change.  You need to ask yourself, “What can be done to increase internal data security?” Here are some steps to follow to help accomplish that:

1. Talk to the IT Department.  81 percent of IT Professionals believe that if the right investments in people, process and technologies were in place, their organizations would be better able to mitigate all future security breaches, according to Ponemon Institute.  They will be the biggest help to you in increasing internal security.  Communicate with them and create a strong policy to implement into the company.

2. Look into the right File-Sharing appliances. 80 percent believe that audit trails and analysis software is the most effective approach for detecting security incidents and breaches, says Ponemon Institute.  It’s important to find the best way to monitor the company’s information.  Make the right investment with the right technology to stay as secure as possible.

3. Educate employees on company policies, and enforce them.  Today, 56 percent of information workers are actually aware of or understand the policies in place that are specific to data use and handling inside their company, according to Forrester Research. Overall, only 61 percent actually follow security policies in general.  This is a major problem.  After you create a good policy and select the best appliance, let your employees know what is going on.  They won’t follow the policies if they don’t understand why they are in place.  Then, hold them accountable for their actions to retain a high level of security.

You cannot gamble with your company’s information.  Cover all angles to stay secure.  These can be the first steps in accomplishing that.  Check out SmartFile’s Enterprise Solution to see how email notifications and audit logging can be a very important part of your company’s security.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.