4 Thoughts on Storing, Sharing and Securing Data Before Doomsday

December is usually the month when we count down the days until celebrating additional leisure time, family traditions and of course national holidays like Christmas. The Mayans, who are often credited for creating the first concept of time, predicted a different ending to December – an Apocalypse! According to the Mayan Calendar, we are less than two (2) weeks away from the highly anticipated doomsday set for Dec. 21.

Mayans were certainly ahead of their time with their linear (past-present-future) conceptof time. However, scientists at NASA recently announced that the world would not be ending that date (hooray!). Instead, NASA predicts a normal winter solstice and that the apocalypse is simply a misinterpretation of the Mayan Calendar.

Doomsayers still insist our world will indeed come to its end on that fateful Friday before Christmas. At SmartFile, we are confident in both NASA’s doomsday prediction and that our recently enhanced SmartFile (API 2.0) platform will continue helping thousands of companies move, manage and maintain big data in a secure environment.

Stating or simply assuming the Mayan apocalypse is an over-publicized myth and that NASA scientists are always correct is an example of what someone on Twitter may tweet as (hashtag#fail. In this information age where technology seems to be constantly evolving, our team focuses on integrating concrete and abstract principles such as transparencycompliance, convenience and timeliness. As a result, our products and services reflect some of the same great principles that help structure our brand and customer relationships. We feel that applying critical thinking skills before making decisions is more effective that forming one based on emotion, or personal experience alone. Everything from obtaining customer feedback to encouraging the open-source community to help build and add to this amazing project via GitHub enables us to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you are preparing for the sky to darken while the earth crumbles or wondering when the last time you read this much about the Mayan Calendar; we can help you securely send, receive and store ALL your digital assets in the “cloud” with a business class file sharing and FTP solution customizable to your needs and brand. In the event disaster does strike in some form or another, here are four (4) things to consider when choosing a provider for securely managing sensitive, rather large data:

1.) Storage Amounts & Access –Research and understand your specific needs storage needs before making a decision. Terms like TB (Terabyte) and GB (Gigabyte) may sound similar, but a few thousands dollar differences exist between 10 (TB) and 10 (GB).

Ask how and where your data is stored– cloud, servers, 3rd party vendor, etc.– to help prepare for a possible data disaster and to ensure the interface is fitting for convenient access.

2.) Multi-Account + Multi -User Management–To help streamline business processes, managing multiple accounts from one simple location gives you more convenience and control. Our FileHub™ tool integrates the best of both worlds via it’s integration capabilities with popular programs and services like DropBox ™ -enables users to oversee and merge all of the current and upcoming DropBox™ and SmartFile features.

Don’t let cloud providers handcuff you with limited features and high prices.With a FREE cloud account and SmartFile’s affordable plans, you can quickly scale your storage and maintain control over all your files.

3.) Cloud Accounts– While relying on widespread online storage is a relatively new concept, advances in cloud computing have improved the file sharing and storage landscape.  We obviously love the cloud (see #2) for numerous reasons related to improving business processes, but here is a short list of why the cloud makes digital storage a fit for everyone:

  1. Security – Victims of stolen laptops and computers lose hardware, software and all the data stored on that computer. By storing sensitive documents on the internet with a provider using secure servers, the risk of your documents and privacy being invaded are minimal.your
  2. Remote Access – Internet connection + SmartFile = access from any location, at any time.
  3. Durability  – Rest easy knowing a power outage, natural disaster or even your dog can’t damage your document. won’t eat your sales proposal or that it won’t be damaged in the rain.

4.) Customization & Support – Whether it’s a reliable customer support service, integration and/or synchronization capabilities, multiple user types, advanced file control, activity notifications, auditing and reporting, serious security, backup software or even the possibility of customizing the site to fit your companies brand image (color scheme, logo, domain and company name); carefully selecting the perfect package and provider is essential.

In case any of the features above didn’t excite you, here’s a nearly complete list of what SmartFile can offer: FULL FEATURE LIST

Start counting down the 14 days until Christmas with SmartFile by trying our FREE 14 day trial! Click here to get started with the trial or contact 877-336-3453 with questions about pricing and creating a customer package best for your business. If you are following the Mayan Calendar, we suggest you hurry up and call!

Happy Sharing!

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