Companies Need to Know More About their Security

As the amount of internal security threats grows by 14 percent every year (Cisco Annual Security Report 2014), security should be growing, but it seems as if the opposite effect has happened.  Companies are simply accepting that they will be compromised instead of being proactive.  According to CNBC, 47 percent of respondents are operating under the assumption they’ve been compromised; with another 5 percent saying they operate under the assumption that if they have not already been compromised, they eventually will be.  There are ways to prevent internal risks that can save companies from potential disaster.

These threats can cost a company a lot if they are not dealt with, so companies need to know what is happening to their system.  They should never assume that they are compromised because, if they ignore this problem, they will eventually pay for it.  It’s important to take preventative measures.  Companies need to constantly monitor their system to make sure that they are safe.  No one should intentionally disregard the safety of their company.

What is the best way to monitor a company’s information?  Audit logging and email notifications can keep a company from an internal risk.  This is a way to know exactly what is happening to all of the files in the system.  There won’t be any surprises, and any intrusion can be dealt with much quicker because of how these notifications work.  SmartFile Enterprise Solution has both of these features.  It keeps companies up to date on these intrusions into their system.  Companies can’t afford to be complacent about security.  It will help them not only know what is happening with their information but also retain a sense of security at all times.

If you are interested in the SmartFile Enterprise Solution, contact our sales team at 877-336-3453 for more information.  Don’t settle when it comes to your company’s security and keep your information safe from internal security risks.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.