Consumer Products Like Dropbox are Unsafe for Employees

Let’s be honest, when it comes to file sharing, most employees have no idea what is and isn’t safe.  They don’t usually understand why using consumer products to send important information is not a secure practice.  These are things that most employees use every day.  This behavior can be a threat to any company.  Let’s look at some specific things that employees do and what can be done to change that.

Employees fail to understand what they are doing that is dangerous.  According to GlobalSCAPE, 63 percent of employees have used remote storage devices like USB drives and mobile phones to transfer confidential work files, and 45 percent have used consumer sites like DropBox to send sensitive work information.  These are simple storage products that are not designed to protect important company information.  If they realized how vulnerable this behavior made the company, employees would not be doing it.  It does not simply take a policy change to fix this problem.  Of those employees at companies that have policies for sending file, 62 percent still use remote devices and 39 percent use consumer sites.  Employees want to use these tools, so it is going to take more to increase the security on a company’s system.

Employees want to use file sharing tools that are easy to use, like Dropbox.  They need a simple option that is also safe for the company.  This is where the on-premise SmartFile Enterprise solution can help.  It is proven to be a secure storage device that can also leverage Dropbox.  All activity will be monitored behind the company’s network and firewall using the activity log and email notifications.  This means that employees will stay comfortable with their file sharing while also maintaining a high level of security for the company.

Talk to your employees about the dangers of sharing sensitive data through consumer products.  Contact us if you are interested in learning how to increase your company’s security while keeping your employees as comfortable as possible.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.