Every Company Can Have Internal Security Risks

Internal security risks have been seen in companies of all sizes.  An employee taking sensitive business documents without permission of their employers is not new, and a very good example of this is Microsoft.  According to Digital Trends, a former employee of Microsoft preleaked a build of Windows 8 and a matching software activation kit to a French blogger in 2012 after receiving a poor performance review, and the scariest part is that he was only caught after the blogger contacted someone else at Microsoft trying to confirm the authenticity of the information.  How could an employee steal such important information from such a powerful company and almost get away with it?

According to CNET, the employee was using his private email account to send the data to the blogger.   This is not unusual at all because 63 percent of employees have used personal email to send sensitive work documents, says GlobalScape. This is just one way that employees are risking security.  Employees also use remote storage devices (63 percent) and consumer sites (45 percent) to transfer important business information.  Also, Microsoft is a major tech company and was still compromised from a single employee.  This means that this can happen to almost anyone.  If an employee decides to take company information off the network, it creates major business risks that could do serious damage.

It’s important for companies to see how prevalent internal security risks and take action.  The best way to say safe from these risks is a solution that can monitor the system, as well as control what employees can do with the documents.  This way, companies will know who has done what with important information.  It would be much easier to track any leaks.  SmartFile Enterprise Solution can help solve this problem with user permissions, email notifications, and activity logs.

SmartFile is adding features all the time to help increase companies’ security.  If you are interested in helping your company stay safe, contact us.

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