Resume, curriculum vitae, whatever you want to call it, these documents can take up a lot of room on the Human Resources server. With most job listings getting an average of 118 people applying to them, a hiring manager could drown in the deluge.

The good news is, there’s an easy way to create a Human Resources portal for resumes and it costs far less than most HR portal software and is not nearly as complicated.

The Features of a Human Resources Portal for Resumes

Upload portals should be easy to use, for both the job seeker and the employer. So, you may be asking, what should an upload portal for resumes look like?

1. It should allow you to create different folders within the upload portal for different job listings. When job seekers apply, their resumes should automatically go to the correct folder. These folders should also be able to be shared internally between HR and the hiring manager.

2. It should be secure. In the context of an upload portal, that means that applicants should not be able to see other applicants’ resumes. They should also not be able to access folders for different job listings.

3.  It should be simple to create an upload portal link, with a password protection option. The resume upload link can then be accessed on the company’s website or even in an email.

4. It should be easy for HR and hiring managers to access it from anywhere, whether it’s through a smartphone, a desktop computer or a tablet.

5. It should be branded, especially if the HR department is in a business where reputation means everything. No one wants to upload their resume to a shady-looking portal.

6. It should make searching resumes a snap. The portal should have OCR search so that it can comb through both Microsoft Word documents and PDFs of resumes with ease.

7. It should have a notification system that you can set to alert you when resumes are uploaded (with the ability to choose the frequency of these alerts).

Make resume collection even more convenient on the HR department and job seekers by finding an online portal that has all seven of these features.

Spend Less Time Managing Resumes and More Time Hiring the Right People

With a simpler resume collection process, you can stop wasting manpower on sorting and storing resumes and more time on finding the right people for your company. By taking advantage of all of the features, all found in the SmartFile platform, you can ensure that your HR department can keep their heads afloat the wave of incoming resumes.

In addition, SmartFile not only acts as your human resources portal, it can host all sorts of documents. If you need a safer way to send and receive portfolios, tax information or other confidential data, SmartFile will be a great all-in-one tool for your organization.

Find all these features, plus storage and more, in SmartFile AND test it out with one of our free 14-day trials. Try it below!

The Easy Resume Upload Portal for HR

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