Is Your Data Safe?

Last week, we announced our new FileHub feature in a little bit different fashion.  Because SmartFile would be at Interop Las Vegas, we decided to release the website and also the infographic “Is Your Data Safe?”  The reason that we did this was so that companies would understand how prevalent internal security risks have become.  After compiling a lot of data about security in companies, we put together the site using the poster child for internal data leaks: Edward Snowden.

After Snowden took information from the NSA and leaked it, everyone was able to see that even one of the most highly secure agencies in the world was able to be compromised by a single employee.  This can be said of any company.  When the site was launched, we used this theme throughout our entire week at Interop in Las Vegas.  We gave away t-shirts and stickers that had Snowden’s face on them (they can be found at  It became a great opportunity to explain the importance of internal security to a lot of different people. has a lot of really interesting facts and statistics about security.  Most of them can be surprising because it shows how common these breaches are and how much that it can cost a company.  We believe that it is incredibly important for companies to know this information to stay secure.  This is why we offer a solution.  Our On-premise Appliance provides the right type of security to help monitor a company’s network.  With our new FileHub feature, email notifications, and audit logging, companies will know what is happening with their information.  If employees try to take information, the administrator will be notified.

This website brings to light a lot of things that most people probably didn’t know about their security.  Check it the site and the infographic and let us know what you think!

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