IT Departments Know What Will Keep Your Company Safe

With all of these data security problems that we keep hearing about, it’s time companies start take more preventative measures.  According to Ponemon Institute, 50 percent of IT departments polled say their company does NOT have meaningful operational metrics to measure and respond to data and security. It’s important to be proactive at a time like this so that your company does not risk the security of your information because this can do some serious damage for you company.  But, before you make your decision about security, let’s see what IT departments across the United States and the United Kingdom have to say on the matter.

For starters, 81 percent of IT departments believe that if the right investments in people, process and technologies were in place, their organizations would be better able to mitigate all future security breaches. So, there are ways for your company to avoid internal security risks as long as you take the necessary steps to increase your security. It’s important that you invest in security that is going to be the most effective.  According to 80 percent of IT professionals, audit trail and analysis software is the strongest approach for detecting security incidents and breaches.  These features are necessary for a company to be as secure as possible from any internal threats.  They are the best way for a company to monitor and detect any irregularities within their system.

This is exactly what the SmartFile Enterprise solution does to maintain security within your network.  This on-premise appliance utilizes audit logs and email notifications to track your company’s information. You will know everything that happens with your files, including internal security risks on your system.  If you are interested in adding audit trails and other business-friendly features to your network, contact our sales team at 877-336-3453.

Your IT professionals know what is going to help keep your company safe.  What are they saying is the best way to prevent a breach on your system? Leave them in the comments below.


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