Andy Clark

Meet the Bake-Off Judges: Round 2 with Andy Clark

Registration for the 2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off closes in just two weeks (Feb. 28). If anybody is considered an expert at closing out and finishing strong, it’s Andy Clark!

As Vice President of Business Development at Right On Interactive (ROI), a software and lifecycle marketing automation Company located downtown Indianapolis, Andy is responsible for corporate strategy, marketing and partnerships.

“I am driven to help companies do things better and faster,” said Andy in a recent Indianapolis Star feature.

With more than 15 years of marketing technology experience, Andy came to ROI after leading strategic partnership efforts for ExactTarget, a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions that recently completed a successful IPO.

Clark earned his MBA from Butler University and his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He serves on the board of Speak Easy, an independent non-profit that offers early stage, high-growth startup companies the resources needed to succeed.

So, Andy, what are you most excited about as a member of the Bake-Off judging panel?

I really enjoy seeing entrepreneurs execute creative, innovative strategies when creating a product or service that address a real business need. That moment when my brain says “I should have thought of that” is priceless. Thinking about the process of starting with an idea to actually selling it continues to inspire me. I am also looking forward to witnessing Indiana’s future talent in action.

What advice can you provide to our Bake-Off teams?

A successful pitch is made up of many different essential elements, but I almost always ask myself a few of the same questions before deciding. What problem are you solving? Can your solution be easily commercialized or integrated? How is it built and supported? What obstacles or issues could be expected? How will it be marketed? Is anybody else doing this and if so, how does your solution differ?

How would you recommend contestants pitch their apps to you and the rest of the judges?

Story telling has been around since the beginning of time and there’s a reason for its existence. By utilizing team strengths and creative communication, telling your app’s story is a great way to set the stage for the problem dressed, how you solve it and why your solution is the best.

On behalf of the entire SmartFile team, we would like to thank Andy for his participation at the 2013 SmartFile Platform Bake-Off! Follow Andy @clarkao, ROI @roi_marketing and the Speak Easy @SpeakEasyIndy on Twitter.

Please tweet @SmartFile using the hashtag #SFbakeoff with questions, concerns, or comments.

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