My Time At SmartFile

After about 40 blog posts and seemingly endless tweets and Facebook posts, my internship at SmartFile has come to an end.  It’s sad, but I have learned so much that I can only be grateful.  It has been an experience that has taught me lessons that will help me succeed in what I want to do.  Working under Kevin, our Creative Director, my understand of Marketing through social media and blog posts has grown so much to the point where it has become a passion for me.  Let’s look back at some of the things that I have taken from my experience here at SmartFile.

Since I started here in January, I have seen the Enterprise Solution grow from its beginning stages to the addition of the FileHub, the launch of a new website, and the SmartFile team making Edward Snowden the posterchild for internal security at Interop Las Vegas.  It has been awesome to watch this company grow in the way that I have.  If that happened in the short three months while I was here, it’s exciting to think how much more this company is going to be able to offer as time goes on.

Through my work, I have learned about a lot of technical terms that I didn’t even know existed until I worked here (i.e. FTP, FileHub, and API).  I have also learned a lot about the tech world as a whole when I was researching information for, the malware version of FileZilla, and the Heartbleed Bug.  This is important information to understand, and being in the middle of it by working for SmartFile has helped me to achieve just that.

This experience has been excellent for me and helped me to really figure out what I want to with my life.  I’m going to miss working at this place (especially because I was the best PIG player in the office), but it’s time for the next step.

Thank you guys for everything!

If you are interested in what I’ll be doing next, you can follow me on twitter @tbudnik18 or through LinkedIn.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.