Nip Data Breaches in the Bud

Obviously, a breach in your system can be costly for your company, and not all breaches can be prevented. Because of this, detection is an important part of data security.  Discovering a breach in a timely fashion can save your company a boatload of money.

For starters, according to Verizon, in 2013, 84 percent of breaches took the hackers hours or less to compromise the data, and, according to Ponemon Institute, non-malicious breaches were discovered in an average of 49 days, while a malicious breach averaged 80 days.  That is a huge gap of time where your company is vulnerable.  Just think about all of the information that could be compromised in that amount of time, especially when it costs a company 94 per compromised record on average. That’s some pretty scary stuff.

If that doesn’t make you uneasy, then this should: 56 percent of data breaches were detected accidentally and only 11 percent of respondents say they would be very likely to know if sensitive or confidential information was lost or stolen as a result of a data breach, according to the Ponemon Institute.  If companies are only relying on this method for security on their system, then we’re in BIG trouble.  It is important to have a dependable way of detection so that companies are not gambling with important information.

So, what is the best way to detect breaches on your system?   Well, audit or assessment accounted for the second highest method of detection in 2013 with 37 percent.  This is a step in the right direction, and SmartFile’s Enterprise solution takes it even further by offering audit logging and instant email messaging so your company can be constantly monitored.  It will help you nip these problems in the bud and save your company from a potential disaster because you will know about any potential problems before any serious damage can be done.  You won’t have to wait until someone accidentally discovers a breach, and it’s too late. If you are interested in helping your company’s security, contact our sales team at 877-336-3453.

Do you have anything to add to this?  Leave comments below about your experiences with data breaches.

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