The Power of File Permissions

In every business there is a hierarchy of important files. From vital accounting documents to highly trafficked employee HR forms, there are certain levels of security and permission that you want with all your files. Some files are meant for a niche group and others and meant for everyone under the Sun. File permissions are important because they restrict who has access to certain folders and documents.

With employees using a variety of devices to access company files all around the world, permissions help keep certain files and folders hidden from not only employees but also anyone else using their devices. According to a Cisco case study…

  • 17% of employees admitted to leaving their company devices unattended in public
  • 58% of employees confessed to allowing non-employees to use their company hardware
  • 26% of employees said that those devices had been either lost or stolen in the past 12 months

You can see how often your important business files and data can been seen by the wrong eyes!

It’s not just employees that make permissions important, client interaction is another example that illustrates why rules need to be in place. If a company has multiple clients that interact with them on a single file system, those clients do not need to see all your files and folders (internal and external).  Ideally, each client would be locked down to a certain folder and not allowed access to anything else…or in other words, have permissions!

Here is where SmartFile can really help with our easy to use custom file and folder permissions. Unique or pre-defined permissions can be assigned to groups or individual users so that they are restricted to any combination of uploading, downloading, deleting and viewing files and folders. Learn more about file and folder permissions…

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.