Predicting 2013: Challenges and Opportunities Abound for Enterprises

2013 is just a few days away. What we know about technology now will change in the coming year.  In the enterprise, the more you know about the future, the more likely you are to succeed. The rise of social media, demand for better database protection and increased focus of big data has caused businesses to confront the direction of their technology systems.

We spoke with our customers, colleagues, partners and media friends about some of the foreseeable challenges, trends and predictions for 2013 in the security, storage, cloud, virtualization and IT landscape. We then analyzed this data to see how these evolutions would impact our customers business and our own. We have identified five key trends that provide decision makers with a little more knowledge and know-how to stay ahead of the curve while capitalizing on opportunities.

About Half of All New Enterprise IT Spending Will be on Hybrid Cloud by 2016

1.)  Hybrid IT & Cloud Computing: Cost effectiveness of cloud components such as SaaS and the desire for a centralized approach to IT governance will continue shifting the role of IT.

2.)  Big Value from Big Data: Enterprises deriving actionable insights, processes and strategy from all types of data, including social, will unlock real business value.

3.)  A Service & API Integrated Economy: The growth of API integration, adoption of third party services delivered via the cloud, increased connectivity and data proliferation will continue streamlining business processes – improving response time and cost.

4.)  Smarter Storage Strategies: The result is an infrastructure that provides users and applications with access to the data they need, when they need it, and with the lowest complexity, latency, and cost.

5.)  Advancing Security: With the rise of cloud, mobility, big data initiatives; companies will need to adopt security solutions that identify threats earlier and enable faster response times.


It’s clear from these few trends that 2013 will prove to be a year of opportunities. Weigh in with a comment below regarding what trends you expect to impact your business.

We hope all of you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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