In the over 25 years since its release, PowerPoint has been the premier software for presentations. Though other presentation programs have sprung up, presenters in both business and higher education still seem to prefer PowerPoint.

Since we live in a far more connected world than we did in 1995, many of those who attend presentations, conferences or classes expect to have easy access to the information contained in PowerPoint presentations. And because presentations are so interactive these days, simply handing out a printout of slides doesn’t really cut it anymore.

In this article, you’ll read about a hassle-free and safe way to share PowerPoint presentations.

The Trouble with PowerPoint

There are many ways to share a PowerPoint presentation, from email to a presentation hosting service to using a consumer file sharing tool. These methods do work, however, if you are trying to share the PowerPoint this way, you’ll run into a few issues.

Sharing presentations through email is probably the most troublesome because email attachment limits often bottom out at 25mb. And since PowerPoints usually contain videos, images, gifs and more, they far exceed that limit.

To handle this, you’ll either need to compress the files contained within or the entire presentation, resulting in a presentation of far less quality than you may have originally intended.

You can also break the PowerPoint presentation into chunks and upload those. But this method can be time-consuming and frustrating for both the sender to upload them and the receiver to download them.

Another option to share PowerPoint presentations is to upload them to a presentation hosting service or a consumer file sharing tool. If the presentation contains information that is not common knowledge, then it’s not an issue.

However, if the presentation contains information that people pay to learn (i.e., a training or certification class) or data sensitive to a company (i.e., board meeting updates, quarterly reports, internal strategy documentation or investment pitch decks with financial information) then these should not be stored on a tool for which the company has no oversight.

Upload Once, Share Anytime

Instead of going through the hassle of breaking up a presentation or saving it to a consumer-grade tool, try using SmartFile to share PowerPoint presentations.

First, upload your PowerPoint to SmartFile. SmartFile will create a share link that you can share in different ways and with different levels of security. Once your file is uploaded, you can start sharing your PowerPoint presentation.

share powerpoint presentations

Emailing the Share Link 

Using the generated share link, you can either choose to share your presentation through SmartFile’s email form or to copy and paste the link into your email. If you share through SmartFile, you can send to several people by separating email addresses with a comma.

share powerpoint presentations

Link Security 

If you need to put more security around the link, you can choose to password-protect the link, set an expiration date or limit downloads to a certain number.

Navigate back to the “Create New Share” page and click on the “Advanced” button. Once that’s open, you can set your preferences for access, download limits and expiration date.

sharing powerpoint presentations

After you set these options, you are free to share your presentation with colleagues, board members, students or anyone that needs access.

Share PowerPoints Presentations Safely and Securely

It’s that easy to share a PowerPoint whenever you have a presentation coming up. No need to break up the files or compress them, you can access and send the presentation anywhere you need.

There are plenty of other benefits to using SmartFile to share and manage your presentation. For instance, when traveling. Forget taking backup USBs, CDs, external hard drives or searching through email for your presentation. Simply upload your presentation to SmartFile and access it from anywhere, whether it’s on a laptop, desktop or tablet.

The Safer Way to Share PowerPoint Presentations

Need a smarter way to send and share PowerPoint presentations? Give SmartFile a try! Get your 14-day trial — no credit card required.

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