Smaller Companies Can Be More Vulnerable to Data Risks

By nature, smaller companies tend to be more relaxed.  They tend to trust their employees more than at larger organizations and don’t invest in necessary security.  For example, 62 percent of smaller business workers (companies with less than 100 employees) use social media for personal use at work, which is 11 percent higher than at bigger companies, and 55 percent visit off-limits websites at smaller companies, while only 43 percent do so at bigger companies, according to Ponemon Institute. Even though they can be more lenient, there are some things that cannot be taken lightly, especially when it comes to security.

Although it might be easier to trust that employees will always do the right thing, it’s not realistic, even at smaller companies.  According to Ponemon Institute, the main causes of breaches in smaller companies are system glitches and employees mishandling data in motion.  These companies need to make file sharing a bigger priority than it already is.  Mishandling important data within a company can end up costing a lot.  Every company, regardless of size, should make sure that their employees are keeping sensitive information as secure as possible.

User permissions, activity logs, and email notifications can help solve these problems.  This way, employees will be limited with what they can do with these files, so they will have much less room to mishandle files through sharing.  Also, the system will be constantly monitored, so any employee negligence will be detected and can be dealt with much quicker.  SmartFile Enterprise Solution offers these key features and more to help with these issues.  It can also offer additional storage or simply add to existing storage.

SmartFile Enterprise Solution is helping companies of all sizes around the world.  Contact us if you are interested in increasing internal security.

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