New On-Premise File Sharing Appliance is Finalist at Interop

Being a Storage Finalist for the Best of Interop Award, at the Interop Conference in Las Vegas is a BIG deal for SmartFile, but I wouldn’t say that it’s exactly a surprise.  Our team has worked hard to create what we believe to be a top-of-the-line storage appliance.  Our On-Premise File Sharing Appliance is an adaptable storage tool that helps companies to share their data behind their own firewall.  Let’s take a look at how this Enterprise Solution has been so effective.

Versatility is an important aspect when it comes to storage.  This appliance has different installation methods that can be used depending on a company’s needs.  The users have the choice of using SmartFile storage or their own storage, whether it’s physical or virtual.  This means that companies do not need to have existing infrastructure to support the appliance because SmartFile has a team of storage experts that can customize a solution for each company.  Companies of all types can enjoy the luxurious features such as audit reporting and user permissions to help them monitor everything within their system.

Also, each appliance is scalable and comes with premium customer support.  SmartFile’s system allows targeted expansion of any service that needs to be expanded.  If a company needs additional search speed, additional search servers can be added.  Need more concurrent web or FTP access? Our team can add extra servers for just those services.

Interop Las Vegas is going to be a very exciting time for SmartFile. We are proud to have been considered for such an honorable award.  Now, we get a chance to show off our appliance at this world class conference.  This is a great opportunity to put our money where our mouth is and, hopefully, impress enough people to bring home the award.

Have we peaked your interest? If you have any questions about our nomination at Interop Las Vegas or our appliance, contact us at SmartFile!  Here is the registration page for Interop Las Vegas if you are interested.

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