Taking Active Directory to the Next Level

A lot of companies believe that their active directory is good enough to keep their company secure.  But what if there was a way to take AD to the next level? SmartFile Enterprise can help put even more security around your files, folders, and users through an on-premise appliance.  By adding audit logging, real-time activity monitoring, instant email notifications, and a secure VPN alternative, SmartFile has a way to add to AD.

Tracking your files and keeping records of who has done what to a file and when it happened is always important to network managers. With audit logging, it is easy to monitor all of the file and user activity that goes on within the company. This give you the ability to check everything that has happened within your company, but you can also view activity in real-time through a streaming feature.  You won’t be in the dark about any information because the log and searchable activity feed will allow you to check up on everyone and everything.

Another great feature is instant email notifications.  SmartFile allows you to select which folders, files, and/or users that you want to keep track of.  Every time that an action happens with one of these, there will be an activity alert email sent to you immediately, whether it’s an upload, download, etc.  If external clients are uploading to your network, you will be notified. If someone has deleted a file from an important folder, you will be notified.  If someone has gone over their storage quota…you get the picture.

Are you looking for a way to add to the secure external access of VPN, but without a lot of headache?  According to TechRepublic, VPN has a lot of problems that requires constant surveillance and this takes a lot of time from the IT department.  SmartFile Enterprise can bring the same kind of security that you look for from VPN without all of the extra weight that it brings because files can be securely accessed from anywhere on any device.

SmartFile Enterprise provides even more features that increase the security of your files and users while decreasing the annoyances that IT managers deal with daily.  The best part is, every solution that SmartFile delivers is customized to your company, even down to the delivery (virtual or physical).  If you are interested in learning more, click here to get more information or just contact our sales team directly, 877-336-3453.  Take your AD above and beyond with SmartFile.

SmartFile is a business file mangement platform that gives you more control, compliance and security.