SmartFile Hack: Add a File Upload Link in Your Email Signature

Undoubtedly, you will work with clients that need to send you documents or information that can’t be sent by conventional email for some reason or another. You’ve probably heard a client say “I tried to send a large attachment and it was blocked,” or “I need to send information securely, do you have a way to do that?”

Instead of waiting for them to reach out to you, be proactive. Embed a share link into your email signature.
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What Security Measures SmartFile has in Place to Ward Against Data Breaches

Recently one of our competitors had a major security breach, affecting thousands of businesses. As security is a primary concern for all businesses, we wanted to take a moment and share with you how we keep your information safe. Whether it’s digital or physical security, we’ve got your back.

Here are the types of security measures SmartFile has in place to keep your data safe.

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The Benefits and Considerations of Pairing BYOD and File Sharing

Organizations that allow the practice of bring your own device (BYOD) report a variety of benefits, from higher worker productivity to increased employee satisfaction. And coupling a BYOD policy with a secure file sharing solution is a great way to give the people what they want and ensure your files are safe.

There are quite a few benefits of BYOD, but there are a few security considerations you need to keep in mind if you’re using BYOD along with a file sharing solution.

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Ripping Off the Girl Scouts: 8 Steps for Evaluating Technology

Did you know that Canada has its own version of the Girl Scouts, called the Girl Guides? Their structure is a duplicate of the US version, and they have virtually the same graduation structure in their hierarchy, wear almost identical uniforms and, of course, sell cookies.

Walk into any supermarket in the USA at the beginning of the year and you’re sure to be accosted by girls selling boxes of sugary heaven. They’re essentially legal dealers and we embrace the sugar addiction because it’s for a good cause. Canada is apparently no different.

This revelation left me wondering, what else in my world adheres to the Girl Scout/Girl Guide premise where we have two organizations that are essentially the same in rules and behavior but not quite the same. The answer was crystal clear—everything in the tech world!

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What to Think About with User Management & File Sharing

Not everyone at your organization needs access to every file (and they probably don’t want it either). Simply put, some team members need access to certain files and some don’t. Your house designer might whip up a clean logo and some compelling graphics, but do they really need to have access to a client’s payment information?

With granular user management, you have control over who has access to what files and folders so it’s important to know some best practices. Here’s what to think about when it comes to user management and file sharing.

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How to Transition to a Paperless Office

Paper, paper everywhere and not a page I need.

You may be looking around your office right now and seeing reports, invoices, receipts, and a whole host of other paper scattered about. Even if you’ve got it organized well, it can be overwhelming to find what you need. And that’s to say nothing about the amount of money you’re spending in office supplies.

On the other hand, a paperless office can be efficient, effective, and reduce the amount of stress you get from staring at a mountain of paper all day.

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5 Signs You Need a Professional File Sharing Platform

Free software is great for personal use, but it isn’t always the best option for your business. As your business grows, you may find that the “starter pack” of software you’ve been using has begun causing more issues than they solve. This is especially true for your file sharing solution. A professional option can minimize frustrations, save time, and mitigate risks.

If you’re experiencing any of these five signs, you should think long and hard about using a professional file sharing solution.

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How to Keep Work Moving Forward

Being productive is about more than checking items off your list; it’s about being smart with your time and energy. If you spend 20 minutes looking for your list that could have been spent on a billable project or if you’re running on empty and make a mistake on a report because you’re exhausted, then you’re doing yourself and your team members a disservice.

Here are some ways to be productive and keep your work moving forward in a smart, efficient way.

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Technology Hierarchy of Needs: How to Determine What You Need When

As a business owner, technology is a must for your success and growth, but with so many exciting and productive options it can be hard to know where to start. These will, of course, depend on your situation, but we’ve put together a solid starting point based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

You may have heard about Maslow in your Psych 101 course, but if you skipped that day, here’s a quick rundown: Abraham Maslow classified needs that must be met before people can think about fulfilling the next. It began with basic needs like food and water and moves all the way up to self-actualization. For example, if you are starving, you probably aren’t worried about making friends.

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