Modern Privacy and Cybersecurity: We’re All in This One Together

This is the third article in our new series, Modern Privacy

It never ceases to amaze me just how much news we can cycle through in about a month. We live in a supercharged climate that makes it seem like events happen with such great frequency. In this climate, it can feel like it’s impossible to keep up.

Unless you’re keeping a running list of major news, it’s so easy to forget about and miss things. And, honestly, that’s how many people in our government and society would prefer it, as it can give people a free pass where none should be granted. So, with this in mind, let’s begin!
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Working with AWS and Powershell

As cloud technologies continue to converge and gain momentum, it is increasingly important to keep your skills as an administrator sharp. Luckily, both AWS and Microsoft have realized this, and in doing so have created some nice tools for working with cloud technologies and APIs. Continue reading “Working with AWS and Powershell”

Modern Privacy and Cybersecurity: They’re Watching You

This is the second article in our new series, Modern Privacy

Welcome back to our recurring look into the world of privacy and cybersecurity! It seems like the news of the world is moving a mile a minute, especially since the publication of my last article in this series. We continue to see cyber threats from around the globe from rogue groups, hackers and even governments alike. If anything can show humanity that we’re all very interconnected, and in this situation together, it’s the hacking of private data — so let’s begin!
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Trigger Jenkins Builds Using PowerShell

If you have spent much time as a system administrator, you will probably have at least heard of Jenkins (or some other build tool like it). In this post, I will show readers how to use PowerShell to trigger a build remotely on Jenkins using the powerful Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet.

Triggering remote Jenkins builds can be useful for scenarios that require a script to be run or some other form of automation. However, the more important takeaway is learning how to use Invoke-WebRequest because it is such a good way to script and automate a variety of different tasks, not just Jenkins builds. Continue reading “Trigger Jenkins Builds Using PowerShell”

Modern Privacy and Cybersecurity: We’re All Going To Die!

This is the first article in our new series, Modern Privacy

At the beginning of 2017, I published an article on privacy. Typically, my articles take hours to write and research, not to mention the editing process for which I am eternally grateful to Jennifer Yeadon of SmartFile (thanks! -Ed.). This particular article, however, took weeks to finish.

That’s not because it’s longer or more complex than other articles I’ve written. Rather, we live in interesting times where news story after news story turns up about privacy, security and how our rights as Americans are eroding. It’s almost as if the world couldn’t catch up to the endless stream of news that was pouring out of every corner of our media. Continue reading “Modern Privacy and Cybersecurity: We’re All Going To Die!”

Falling On Your Sword: The Last Gasps of Privacy

“Hey, everyone! I’ve been asleep for the last six months. I assume nothing interesting has happened, right?”

It almost feels like we’ve lived through a golden age of privacy protections and, much like an exegesis of past historic events, we can sit and reflect on what was and what will be. If America has stood for one thing through its entire history, it’s that individual rights and privacy are paramount. We have entire sections of our governing documents devoted to this.

Previously I wrote an article about the many ways we as a people are tracked, monitored and scrutinized for the purposes of government surveillance, corporate analytics for advertising and a few other reasons. It was shocking to write as the few examples I knew off the top of my head morphed into multiple topics and I was just beginning to find the rabbit hole at that point. Continue reading “Falling On Your Sword: The Last Gasps of Privacy”

Using PowerShell for File and Folder Auditing

Often, in enterprise environments especially, it is useful to keep track of certain activities — like when files have been modified, who modified them and at what time. This is the basis for file auditing and in this post we will explore some of the basics of getting file and folder auditing setup in Windows-based environments using Powershell. Continue reading “Using PowerShell for File and Folder Auditing”

Cloud-Based Storage for Small Business

Running or working at a small business brings the joys and trials of filling multiple roles. As a small business owner or employee, you wear many hats. Not only do you have to sell your product, please a client or complete a service (or possibly all of the above), you have to adapt to the changing industry. Continue reading “Cloud-Based Storage for Small Business”

6 Myths About Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfer is a buzzword. Today, most IT professionals interpret it in many ways, ranging from “encrypted file sharing” to “confidential information transfers.” Despite the nuances of defining this term, several common misconceptions still exist in the industry. Here are six myths about secure file transfer that need to be dispelled. Continue reading “6 Myths About Secure File Transfer”