How to Transition to a Paperless Office

Paper, paper everywhere and not a page I need.

You may be looking around your office right now and seeing reports, invoices, receipts, and a whole host of other paper scattered about. Even if you’ve got it organized well, it can be overwhelming to find what you need. And that’s to say nothing about the amount of money you’re spending in office supplies.

On the other hand, a paperless office can be efficient, effective, and reduce the amount of stress you get from staring at a mountain of paper all day.

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5 Signs You Need a Professional File Sharing Platform

Free software is great for personal use, but it isn’t always the best option for your business. As your business grows, you may find that the “starter pack” of software you’ve been using has begun causing more issues than they solve. This is especially true for your file sharing solution. A professional option can minimize frustrations, save time, and mitigate risks.

If you’re experiencing any of these five signs, you should think long and hard about using a professional file sharing solution.

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How to Keep Work Moving Forward

Being productive is about more than checking items off your list; it’s about being smart with your time and energy. If you spend 20 minutes looking for your list that could have been spent on a billable project or if you’re running on empty and make a mistake on a report because you’re exhausted, then you’re doing yourself and your team members a disservice.

Here are some ways to be productive and keep your work moving forward in a smart, efficient way.

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Technology Hierarchy of Needs: How to Determine What You Need When

As a business owner, technology is a must for your success and growth, but with so many exciting and productive options it can be hard to know where to start. These will, of course, depend on your situation, but we’ve put together a solid starting point based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

You may have heard about Maslow in your Psych 101 course, but if you skipped that day, here’s a quick rundown: Abraham Maslow classified needs that must be met before people can think about fulfilling the next. It began with basic needs like food and water and moves all the way up to self-actualization. For example, if you are starving, you probably aren’t worried about making friends.

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4 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Computer

Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Spring has finally arrived! And we are at least 60% sure it’s here to stay. Like most, when spring has finally sprung you probably get a burst of energy after being cooped up inside all winter and use it to do some spring cleaning around the house. There’s something freeing about getting rid of old clothes or clearing out the garage.

The same principle applies to your computer. There are plenty of old dusty things living in the attic and basement of your computer that could use some love. Now is a great time to clear out the digital cobwebs and start fresh. Here are four steps to spring clean your computer.

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Why SmartFile is a Smart Fit for Banks

The protection of sensitive data in banking is vital to their success. When banking employees need to transfer or share files they need to ensure that it’s safe from accidental or malicious exposure. A security breach could mean disaster for the reputation of the bank and the lives of their clients.

SmartFile has worked with our fair share of banks to provide exactly what they need to be successful. Some banks that we assist have less than 100 file sharing users and fewer than 15 locations. These smaller banks needed high security without the high cost. FileHub, our on-prem solution was the best fit for them.

Here’s why SmartFile is a smart fit for banks.

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A Look at File Sharing in 2019 [Infographic]

File sharing practices today look totally different than those of the past, even in just the last decade there have been major changes and improvements. To understand file sharing in 2019 and beyond you need to have a clear understanding of its past.

File sharing as we know it today began in 1985 when the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was standardized. Instead of faxing important documents (or heaven forbid actually sending them by snail mail), FTP meant that users had access to the same standard network protocol so they could transfer data securely between computers.

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How SmartFile Supports the Benefits of Content Collaboration

As much as you dislike it (or maybe refuse to admit it), you can’t know everything. At some point, you need to let others take part in, or even lead, projects so that your organization can benefit from the diverse knowledge and expertise of its team members.

Here are some ways that SmartFile can support the benefits of a collaborative work environment.

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File Sharing for Small Business or Departments: What You Need to Know

A small team hardly ever means small results. Like many others in a small business or department, you probably feel like if you could only have more hours in the day you could complete all your tasks. Well, we can’t help with that (though we have our top scientist working on it around the clock), but what we can help you with is giving you information about file sharing with a small team.

With a few solid considerations and smart implementations, a good file sharing platform can help reduce costs, streamline processes, and more. Here are a few things you should know about file sharing to make it work for you.

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