Virtual File Cabinet: Document Management Systems for Insurance Companies

Insurance companies handle vast amounts of personal data, and they can be held liable for any compromise of that data. While adequately protecting data must include a multi-pronged strategy that includes user education, information technology (IT) oversight, and constant vigilance, the strategy must also have a secure filesharing system at its core.

Three Risks Presented by File Sharing Within the Insurance Industry

While insurance companies need a way to store their files securely, simply storing documents isn’t enough (although it is often challenging on its own). Insurers also need a way to share files safely—and the need for secure file sharing is only increasing as the healthcare industry trends toward being more remote.

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Guide to Remote Work Communication

Remote work is here to stay. Even if your organization won’t ever be a fully remote team, you can bet that you’ll run into remote or hybrid working environments every once in a while.

Remote work is here to stay. Even if your organization won’t ever be a fully remote team, you can bet that you’ll run into remote or hybrid working environments every once in a while. And for those who are working remotely, you’ve likely noticed one of the biggest roadblocks to efficient work is communication.

SmartFile is here to help! We’ve put together some best practices for remote work communication. Check out the guide below for information on communication styles, policies, and the tech stack to support them.

What is Secure File Management? The 5 Features You Need

Businesses seek out enterprise-level file management platforms for many reasons. One is ease-of-use in sharing files, another is to have a unified place for server and cloud storage, and yet another is to have a backup option in case of disaster.

But most importantly, businesses look for file management platforms because they offer a secure solution for the sensitive data that comes and goes from their organizations every day.

How is it these platforms keep data and files secure?

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The Benefits of Construction File Sharing

What are the biggest challenges construction organizations face when it comes to their projects? Well, in our experience working with General Contractors, it all comes down to an overarching lack of coordination. Without the right resources, sharing data between teams across multiple offices and off-site locations can seem nearly impossible. That’s where file sharing with SmartFile comes in. 

Instead of having to inform every project stakeholder, from vendors to in-house professionals, of their responsibilities for the project, construction file sharing enables project management consultants to streamline coordination between various stakeholders. Not to mention, secure file sharing solutions increase productivity, help distribute information faster and more efficiently, and clears up confusion among onsite workers.

Whether you’re a large construction company or a small business, file sharing solutions can offer a number of benefits. The best construction firms stand out to their clients through prompt and clear communication as well as fast and efficient project management. Your technology management should be held to the same standards! Keep reading to learn how file sharing can transform your construction operations and how we can help.

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The Pros and Cons of MySQL

MySQL is the most popular open-source database; chances are that you have run across it a time or two in your programmer internet travels. As the battle between open source and propriety software rages on, it does make you wonder, is it time to ditch MySQL? Here are some pros and cons of MySQL to consider.

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6 File Sharing Myths, Debunked

In the current cyberthreat environment, there’s no such thing as being “too careful” when it comes to your organization’s most sensitive files. With that being said, in order for your employees to successfully complete everyday tasks, they need to be able to send and receive documents and files securely. For this reason, secure file transfer solutions have become increasingly essential—especially after cybercrime rose 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what’s all the confusion about? Well, the truth is, secure file transfer is a buzzword most IT professionals interpret in many different ways. The verbiage can range from “encrypted file sharing” to “confidential information transfers,” and so on. Despite the nuances of defining this term, several common misconceptions still exist in the industry that we think need a good debunking. Keep reading to learn the truth behind these six secure file transfer myths.

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Sending Files Over 25mb

It’s 4:55 p.m. and you’re ready to leave work. All you have to do is finish sending that email. Attach file, upload, and send to your — wait, what? “File size exceeds limit”? The file is too large. Great. Now what? If you’re working in Gmail or Outlook, sending files over 25mb becomes a headache.

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Productivity Tips for Remote Work

While it’s a luxury to be able to roll out of bed and be “at work,” remote work can have some notable pitfalls. Staying productive in a home environment is a real challenge for most people. With distractions ranging from pets and kids to household chores and significant others, you need to have a solid plan when it comes to working remotely long-term.

Make sure you’re considering things like where you’ll be doing the bulk of your work and how you can try to effectively manage your time despite all the distractions. It may seem easier said than done, but there really are many different ways to remain efficient—even in a time of mass disruption.

Keep reading to learn all about our top productivity tips for remote work and how smart file sharing solutions can make all the difference in staying on top of your work.

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The Causes and Disastrous Effects of Data Breaches

A data breach can devastate a small business and be incredibly costly to enterprises. It’s important that your employees have a good understanding of the nature of the information your organization has and risks that are associated with mishandling it, unintentional or otherwise.

Take a look at some of the causes and disastrous effects of data breaches.
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